Friday, October 11, 2013

What Is Tuckpointing?


Tuckpointing (tuck pointing) is the technical nomenclature under masonry that refers to a specialized method of repairing brick or mortar. Under normal circumstances either the brick or mortar can deteriorate or even be damaged. A tuckpointing expert will remove the damaged or deteriorated materials with a diamond-wheeled blade, and then brush away, or sometimes vacuum, the residue until the surface to be repaired is perfectly clean.
The new mortar can be dyed to match the color of the original mixture. The texture also has to be matched perfectly in order to blend in properly. There are several ratings given to different types of mortar: types n, s, and m. It is essential that a tuckpointing specialist determine which type was initially used so that the new mortar will have proper adhesion characteristics and bond properly.
When tuckpointing is performed by an experienced specialist, it will be impossible for a layman to distinguish between the old and the new mortar. Furthermore, the new mortar will add extra protection as a water-tight barrier and will last for decades.
CTV3 Enterprises
Casey Thebolt is CEO of CTV3 Enterprises and has two decades experience in tuckpointing and is widely regarded as Michigan’s premier tuckpoint specialist. The firm also has extensive experience in general masonry, brick repair, porch repair, and chimney repair. For information regarding his company, visit:





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