Sunday, November 24, 2013

Chimney Repair

One of the most common brick restoration and brick repair projects in the masonry field is that of chimney repair. More often than not this type of endeavor requires tuckpointing. The type of tuckpointing referred to in this article is not the European version, which the Encyclopedia Britannica defines as:

“tuckpointing,  in building construction, technique of finishing masonry joints with a fine, pointed ridge of mortar, for decorative purposes, instead of the usual slightly convex finish in ordinary masonwork. The term is sometimes used for pointing as in masonry repair”

Rather, it is the type of masonry restoration endeavor, as defined by tuckpoint specialists in the United States, where loose and crumbling mortar is replaced with a new mixture of the same color and texture as the original. The usual purpose for replacing the defective mortar is not only for cosmetic purposes, but to provide structural strength to the chimney and to protect the underlying surfaces from the elements.


Although porch repairs are the most commonly requested repair due to the harsh effects of weather, chimneys are a close second. The basic home structure is insulated and not quite as susceptible to the freeze-thaw cycles of Mother Nature. Hairline cracks eventually turn into larger ones with water being able to leak inside. Subsequent expansion and contraction cycles can threaten the entire chimney.

The hallmark of a good mason, such as those at CTV3 Enterprises, is his versatility. With respect to chimney repair he should be able to perform the following tasks:

·         Concrete crown and cap replacements

·         Replacement and realignment of flue liners

·         Replacement of flashing and counter flashing

·         Cleaning and resealing of the entire chimney.

CTV3 Enterprises is a prime example of a chimney repair company with many years of experience in the field.


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  1. Isn't tuck pointing and people that do brick work the same thing basically? I know that they both do the exact same thing and they both do amazing jobs and work hard every time they do a job. I have seen a lot of tuck pointers' jobs and what they are capable of and it is so amazing. I wish that I could do stuff like that, but I want to make sure that things will get done the right way, so I am going to leave this to the professionals.
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