Friday, January 23, 2015

Artistic Tuckpointing and Brickwork


Every masonry project involving bricks and mortar will eventually require tuckpointing. The elements, freeze thaw cycles, extreme heat or cold can all contribute to the deterioration of mortar and require brick repair. This is especially true in Oakland County Michigan.


The premier tuckpointing repairman in Michigan is Casey Thebolt of CTV3 Enterprises. He trained for years under the best tuckpointing artisans and branched out on his own. With extensive experience behind him, Casey Thebolt is able to perform the job correctly at its inception, thereby insuring the durability of any porch, chimney, or brick repair job.

When decorative brickwork projects are completed, it is especially important to make certain even slight imperfections are eliminated so as not to cause expedited deterioration of the mortar or brick. This concept is extremely important when referring to decorative sidewalks, pathways, or porches.

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